What Is An Elevator Pitch?

elevator-pitch-350wImagine you walked into a lift and then the person who is your potentially biggest customer gets in behind you.  You have been trying to speak to them for ages, but can never get through by phone and they never answer your emails.  They are going to the 25th floor, which will take 30-60 seconds, dependent on whether the lift stops at any floors.

What do you do?

Most people will either do nothing, though embarrassment or nerves, or babble on, blowing the opportunity.

People with a little bit of networking experience will tend to have a 30 second pitch or presentation rehearsed, so they can take advantage of any such opportunities.  Peoples’ attention span is quite short (and getting shorter) and you have to deliver something of interest quickly.  Most importantly, if you cannot describe your own business in a sentence or two, do you really know what you are doing?

There are lots of guides available about creating your pitch, but there are three key areas it should cover:

  • The Benefit. That’s the reason the customer might want what you’re selling.
  • The Differentiator. That’s the reason the customer might want to buy from YOU.
  • The Ask. That’s where you ask for a meeting (or something!), if the potential customer shows interest

Finally, please ensure that your elevator pitch is not a sales pitch – that will switch people off.  It is a way of getting someone interested in what you do, prompting them to ask more questions!

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